• Silencers

    avanagh industries is now manufacturing silencers under licence to Kinetics Noise Control. We have set new standards in speed, quality and service. We now have the ability to supply silencers as part of the duct run which helps the installer avoid having to leave gaps and returning at a later date to install the silencer. It also streamlines deliveries and site handling when the silencer can be delivered in a lifting cage with the ductwork directly to the required floor. Continue reading Silencers

  • KI Factory Tour

    Kavanagh Industries is located at 14 Cooper St, Smithfield, on over 17,000 sqm. We have been rapidly evolving and increasing our duct production capacity and would love to show you our systems, factory and manufacturing machinery. Please feel free to contact Craig Brewin to organise a tour of Kavanagh Industries or visit our YouTube channel where you can view recent videos of our operation. Continue reading KI Factory Tour

  • Capacity

    We have spent recent years expanding our factory and updating our equipment. Now in a class of our own in terms of manufacturing capacity, we have the ability to produce 2000sqm or around 900 pieces of duct per day. We have just purchased our second American made Full Coil Line and our second Pathfinder Insulation Cutter. We have also recently commissioned our 5th plasma cutter, this in combination with 63 staff puts us in a league of our own in terms of capacity. Continue reading Capacity