With computer controlled manufacturing and job tracking Kavanagh Industries are able to meet the demands of any job - on time, every time.

With an average steel usage of 185 tonnes per month and total capacity of 265 tonnes per month we can supply multiple large scale projects simultaneously, without disruption to normal customer requirements.

Combined with GPS tracking on our transport fleet and the provision of numbered and coloured drawings with every delivery, the job continues to run smoothly even after it has left our manufacturing facility.

Areas of Expertise

  • High volume rectangular duct
  • 2 Fully automated straight duct lines
  • Spiral tube and fittings manufacture (round duct)
  • Internal or external insulation – performed in our factory
  • Heavy gauge duct – up to 10 mm
  • Stainless steel or aluminium duct work
  • Sub duct
  • Cut, punched and folded hanging strap
  • Optional cutting and fitting of spigots
  • Silencer/attenuator manufacturer
  • Condenser and cooling tower discharge
  • Plinth frames
  • Roof cowls
  • Duct Board
  • Stainless steel hoods
  • General sheet metal and steel fabrication
  • Duct Board
  • Rectangular Duct
  • Insulation
  • Round Duct
  • General Metal Fabrication
  • Transport & Delivery