Our Smithfield manufacturing facility is located on 26,000 square metres. Our current major equipment / processes include:

  • 2 x Amada 4kw fiber laser cutter feed rate 80metres/minute
  • Multiple coil fed plasma cutters (standard and high definition)
  • 2 Automated straight duct lines (offering a combination of flanges) and on line lagging
  • Spiral lock-seam round duct machine
  • Coil fed automated lagging channel roll former
  • Automated lagging channel notching
  • Fully automated turning vane production
  • 3 Automated, computer controlled Pathfinder insulation cutters

By utilising these facilities our manufacturing plant is currently averaging a monthly steel usage of 185 tonnes, while our maximum monthly capacity is approximately 265 tonnes. This equates to an average of 650 to 1000 pieces of duct daily.

The infrastructure and systems we have developed and put in place, enable us to produce and deliver multiple large projects simultaneously.

At Kavanagh Industries we consistently strive to offer the best levels of quality, pricing and service in the industry – we aim to set the standards for others to follow.

Kavanagh Industries is also pleased to offer the integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into its ductwork manufacturing sector. With the use of cutting edge technology we now have the facilities available to process 3D drawings and download them direct to our state of the art CNC machinery.

We also have the ability to provide automated reports that eliminate the need for time consuming manual take-offs. This will enable us to provide a fast turnaround on project estimates and manufactured bill of materials.